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Summer Clean-up

Yep, It’s hot outside. Hotter than your grandmother’s oven baking buttermilk biscuits! But, it’s a great time of the year to crank up the AC in your truck, grab an ice chest full of your favorite beverages, and head out to your property to do some summer cleaning.

You don’t have anything better to do. Football season is still a couple of months away from getting cranked up, and I bet you have some “lovely” family planning to visit soon.

July is a great time to check out what will make your upcoming fall season successful. So, grab a pad and a pencil and let’s put together a checklist of what we can do to prepare a little early. Don’t worry; this is going to be an easy trip, just some planning. No manual labor.

Let’s start from the bottom of your wildlife blind – Is the ground OK that it’s sitting on? Check for erosion and make sure your legs are secure and will last you the entire season. Are they still staked or tethered down? Now is also a good time to check under your “fall sanctuary” and make sure there aren’t any varmints living under your ground blind. If so, I don’t recommend you asking for rent money; it’s best to evict them.

If you have a 4-foot or 8-foot blind, be sure to check underneath as well and make sure no wasps, bees or yellowjackets are there. Once you step inside, they are going to get a little upset!

Next, let’s check out our stairs, ladder and door. If you have one of our Texas Hunter blinds, the stairs should be just as stable as the day you made your purchase. If you have some wooden creekers, make sure they are going to last you the season. While here, check out your door and make sure your hinges don’t sound like your Aunt Winnie; loud and squeaky! If so, take care of it now!

The next step is to make sure the inside of your blind is up to snuff. Windows open and close OK? None broken? Are they clean? If you need some replacements, we have you covered. ?    ?   ?

Replacement Windows

Finally, if you have the opportunity, be sure to give your roof a look over. If you have our Wrangler or Trophy wildlife blind, you should be OK, but it never hurts to give it the once-over. Make sure that no weather is going to be spoiling your time.

Taking care of your blind now can ensure that your upcoming season is a success.

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