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Protein Feeders

Many owners of hunting and recreational properties face the challenge of finding ways to maintain a healthy, well-fed wildlife population throughout the year. The problem becomes even more daunting in cold-weather climates. Food for deer and other wildlife is often in short supply during the winter months, which can lead to malnourished animals and even starvation. It sometimes requires human intervention to ensure deer have an available source of nutritious food.

Three factors affect a deer's growth — genetics, time and nutrition. While humans can't control the first two factors, we can assist deer in meeting their nutritional needs. Specifically, we can provide them with a source of protein that's essential for building and repairing tissue and helping muscles grow. Texas Hunter Products offers a full line of high-quality protein feeders for deer and wildlife that gives them access to protein feed whenever they want it.

About Our Protein Deer Feeder Line


Our selection of large capacity protein feeders for deer includes our line of Xtreme Protein Feeders. These large-capacity gravity deer feeders are available in 600-pound, 1,200-pound and 2,000-pound capacities. The innovative high-density, roto-molded design makes Texas Hunter Protein Feeders indestructible against the elements. The hopper won't rust and, because the material is 26 percent cooler than steel, the protein feed will stay cool, dry and fresh — which makes deer more likely to feed.


Other key features include:

  • Six-inch feed ports with adjustable feed flow control to ensure a continuous flow

  • Low-profile design and an extra-wide lid makes the protein feeder easy to fill

  • Heavy-duty hinged lid with built-in lid stops

  • Six feed ports that enable multiple deer to feed at once

  • Food grade material, keeps feed fresh

  • UV treatment, which guards against sun damage

Other Protein Deer Feeder Options

Texas Hunter Products also produces other protein feeder models specifically designed for does and fawns in 600-pound, and 1,200-pound capacities. A 1,000-pound protein feeder is also available in the same durable, roto-molded material and 300-pound barrel protein feeder for smaller protein feeding applications in also available. Over the years Texas Hunter Products has developed this full line of deer protein feeders.

Why Choose a Texas Hunter Products Deer Gravity Feeder?

Texas Hunter Products has provided high-quality protein feeders since 1954. Our more than 65 years of experience and expertise goes into every product we sell.

We're proud to serve customers from coast to coast — we've designed our protein feeders for fast, economical shipping to just about anywhere and we make customer satisfaction our top priority.

Check Our Selection of Protein Feeders Today

Take a minute to browse our inventory of protein feeders for deer and place your order securely here on our e-commerce site. If you have questions or need assistance, give us a call at 800.969.3337 or contact us online at your convenience.