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Fish, Game and Deer Feeder Timers

Texas Hunter Products digital game feeder timers take over one of the most time-consuming chores on your property. They also help you establish an effective feeding program without making too much noise or leaving your scent behind.

Our Digital Game Feeder Timers

We have models compatible with our fish feeders, deer feeders and other feeders on the market:

  • EZ Set universal digital timers: The EZ Set timer is the heart of any game feeder. This digital timer will run 6-volt or 12-volt deer feeders made by any brand.
  • Premium digital game feeder timers: Our premium digital game feeder timers are compatible with the 12-volt motors inside our Hide-A-Way Stand and Fill Directional Wildlife Feeders.
  • Premium digital fish feeder timers: If you have a Texas Hunter Products 12-volt dual-motor directional fish feeder, you can use our premium digital timers to feed your fish every day in any weather.

The Advantages of Choosing Our Fish and Deer Feeder Timers

Whether you have feeders for fishing, hunting, photography or recreation, you can use our timers to attract more wildlife to your favorite spots. They come equipped with the wiring harnesses and adapters you need to get connected and have no internal batteries or fuses to maintain. For your added peace of mind, each of our fish and deer feeder timers comes backed by a five-year limited product warranty.

These timers offer a long list of benefits when paired with your feeding system:

  • Built-in power indicators: You can power these timers with your feeder's battery and the digital timer provides you with a battery level indicator. 
  • Memory backup chips: Even if your digital feeder timer runs out of power, your data for feed times remains safe and secure in the memory backup chip. The chip stores all your feed settings, saving you loads of time in the field.
  • Easy to set: These timers are easy to set and deliver feedings between one and 60 seconds. They are simple to connect and can run up to nine feedings per day to meet seasonal demand. They also have a test run feature with a 10-second delay.

Buy a Texas Hunter Products Game Feeder Timer

These timers are the best way to keep up with feeding your fish and game and the perfect match for your Texas Hunter Products wildlife feeding system. They have simplistic designs, easy-to-read digital displays and will weather the elements.  All offer dependable operation in extreme temperatures ranging from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.

Order your digital game feeder timer today, and visit our deer feeder accessories page for items such as rechargeable feeder batteries and solar charging systems. We also offer our products available for purchase in your area through a network of dealers. Please call 800-969-3337 or contact us online to order or find a dealer or get help you choose the right product.