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Road Feeders


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Road Feeders

Suppose you want to attract that buck or game bird into the open while observing wildlife or during hunting season. Walking across the land to spread feed can be a daunting challenge, especially if you own a larger property — it takes time, and you might not be able to put feed in the right areas.

If you're a hunter, photographer or wildlife enthusiast looking for a better way to attract animals around you into an open area, a tailgate feeder from Texas Hunter Products could be your best solution. Use it on its own or in tandem with a stationary deer feeder on your property to attract, view, photograph or hunt wildlife.

A Tailgate Deer Feeder From Texas Hunter Products

Texas Hunter Products offers tailgate feeders for sale that enable you to spread deer, hog or game bird feed exactly where you need it. They're designed for easy mounting on your pickup truck, jeep, ATV, UTV, RTV or any vehicle with a 2" receiver hitch receptacle. You can drive across your ranch, hunting property, plantation or recreational property and scout specific areas while leaving feed behind. You can also use the remote control feature to activate the tailgate feeder and release feed. Our road feeders save time and give you greater control of feed placement.

About Our Road Feeders

We offer road feeders in 50-pound and 100-pound capacities, which you can mount on vehicles with a two-inch trailer hitch. Key features include:

  • Wireless remote control. Activate your Texas Hunter Road Feeder at the press of a button
  • Two power options. Connects via trailer light plug or optional 12V battery — both methods eliminate the need for power cords or toggle switches
  • Sight gauge that allows you to determine the feed level at a glance
  • Heavy-duty high torque motor and specially designed spinner plates that ensure maximum performance in rugged conditions
  • Galvanized steel construction that prevents corrosion
  • Built-in lid stops protect against vehicle damage

You can also purchase a road feeder receiver extension kit that extends the unit up to 12 inches from the vehicle and provides an additional ground clearance of up to 13 inches.

Why Choose a Tailgate Feeder From Texas Hunter Products

At Texas Hunter Products, we've manufactured superior deer feeders, fish feeders, hunting blinds and related equipment for the hunting and fishing communities since 1954. The quality and reliability of our products set us apart from our competitors — you'll always get the best value for your money when you buy from us.

Whether you have a question about ordering or shipping, need help with selection or want to know more about how a product works, we'll be here when you need us and can help you find a local dealer.

Check Out Our Road Feeders and Place Your Order Today

Please take a minute to review the individual product descriptions to learn more about our tailgate deer feeders. You can place your order quickly and securely online or by giving us a call at 800.969.3337 to find a local dealer. You can also contact us online at your convenience for additional product and pricing information.