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Deer Feeders

Hunters, photographers and wildlife enthusiasts frequently face the challenge of finding ways to attract deer to an open area. Because deer are skittish creatures, they might not remain on your property long enough for you to get a clear picture or a good aim.

If you want to observe wildlife in your backyard or draw deer out of hiding during hunting season, Texas Hunter Products can help. We offer deer feeders for sale that you can leave on your property for year-round use.

Corn Feeders Draw Deer to Your Property

Automatic deer feeders from Texas Hunter Products scatter corn kernels across the ground at specific times, drawing deer out of the surrounding brush. Strategically place your Texas Hunter deer feeders around your backyard, hunting property, ranch, plantation or recreational property for the best view of your wildlife.

Auto deer feeders allow you to define a targeted feed placement process on your property that won't interrupt hunting. Texas Hunter deer feeders are also ideal for any nature lover or photographer who enjoys feeding and watching wildlife from the comfort of their home.

Our Selection of Deer Feeders for Sale

Texas Hunter Products offers several types of deer feeders for sale to meet every need. Choose from 300-pound deer feeders and 650-pound high-capacity deer feeders, as well as stand and fill deer feeders and hanging deer feeders. Available features include:

  • Galvanized hopper construction, which prevents corrosion and increases the feeder's lifespan
  • Texas Hunter EZ Set digital timer that enables you to set the unit to feed up to nine times per day and 60 seconds per feeding to ensure premium animal growth
  • Feed level sight glass, which makes it easy to determine when to refill the hopper
  • Varmit Guard with a lockable door that keeps unwanted critters out and protects the timer, battery, motor and other components against the weather and vandalism
  • Stainless steel centrifugal-activated spinner plate that opens only during feeding to minimize waste
  • Solar deer feeder, which enables efficient battery recharging via the power of the sun
  • Heavy-duty legs, braces and hardware, which ensure maximum stability
  • Baked-on, powder-coated hunter green finish that protects against the elements and blends well with the surrounding environment
  • EZ Lift system by Texas Hunter Products was designed to make lowering and filling your hanging deer feeder effortless

Why Choose Automatic Deer Feeders From Texas Hunter?

Texas Hunter Products has proudly served the hunting and fishing community since 1954. We pledge to continue the tradition of excellence that's been the hallmark of our company for more than 65 years.

We're known for offering high-quality, reliable deer feeders, fish feedershunting blinds and other wildlife feeding products at competitive prices. Order from our secure, user-friendly e-commerce site. And you'll appreciate our superior customer service — we'll do whatever it takes to ensure the best purchasing experience.

Take a Closer Look at Our Selection of Deer Feeders for Sale

Take a few minutes to browse our inventory of automatic deer feeders and gravity deer feeders. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to give us a call at 800.969.3337 or contact us online at your convenience.