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Summer Clean-up

Yep, It’s hot outside. Hotter than your grandmother’s oven baking buttermilk biscuits! But, it’s a great time of the year to crank up the AC in your truck, grab an ice chest full of your favorite beverages, and head out to your property to do some summer cleaning.You don’t have anything better to do. Football season is still a couple [...]

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Reasons to Start Feeding Protein Now

During certain times of the year, particularly winter months when vegetation is frozen, nutrition available from the deer’s natural habitat may not meet the deer’s needs. Many consider the supplemental feeding of protein to deer to be a key factor in a deer management program and an ideal source of nutrition for deer year-round. Setting the stage with a supplemental [...]

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Customer Testimonial from George Higdon

As a customer for years, Texas Hunter Products has supplied me with the best products. I'm still using the first products I purchased years ago, they last forever. And most of all their service is great from everyone on the Texas Hunter Products Team. Thank You. - George Higdon, Baton Rouge

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