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Texas Hunter Fish Feeder - 70 lb. Fish Feed, 125 lb. Corn Capacity – with Straight Legs

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Heading out to the dock with friends, children or grandkids is many anglers’ favorite activity. But to catch the biggest fish possible, you’ll need to develop an effective feeding schedule — and some people lack the time to feed fish by hand multiple times a day. Instead, you can maximize growth at your convenience with one of the best dock fish feeders available.

This small fish feeder features a 70-pound feed capacity and a straight-leg configuration — perfect for easy installation on your dock. When you familiarize yourself with its innovative timer system, dual motors and seamless distribution, you’ll see why our feeders are the top choice for professional lake management companies across the country.

The dock feeder’s success is due largely to our Premium Digital Timer, a system designed to provide years of maintenance-free operation. All you’ll have to do is set it to dispense food up to nine different times a day. You can then test your timer, battery, solar charger and motor at the push of a button.

We’ve engineered the Premium Digital Timer specifically for our feeders using a dual-motor operation. This dual-stage design allows the timer to run as accurately and precisely as possible, so you can rest assured your fish will be fed on time no matter the weather conditions.

Order your 70-pound-capacity dock feeder today, or check out the other sizes and configurations in our lake fish feeder selection. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.





To grow bigger fish as quickly as possible, you need an effective feeding system. Rather than feeding by hand, Texas Hunter Products offers a dock mounted fish feeder to streamline your feeding schedule. Features of our highly accurate dock feeder include:

  • Offers a 70-pound fish feed capacity or 125-pound corn capacity
  • Premium Digital Timer delivers food one to nine times per day
    • Run time and test time between one and 60 seconds
    • Includes a five-year warranty
    • Runs on an included 12-volt rechargeable battery
  • Contains our patented centrifugal air blower system
  • Easily attaches to docks with straight legs, food pads and lag bolts
  • Lid latch and access door lock to protect feed, timer and battery from the elements
  • Two sight windows allow quick viewing of feed levels
  • Rust-proof galvanized steel hopper and powder-coated finish add durability
  • Quick-release access panel with a transparent window provides access to the inner blower
  • Low profile allows for easy filling
  • Reduces feed drop within 3 to 5 feet of the feeder
  • Powder-coated finish and galvanized steel hopper guard against rust
  • Two sight gauges make it easy to check feed levels on land or from the water
  • Fast shipping through UPS Ground
  • Built in America under U.S. Utility Patent #7222583

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