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Texas Angler Game Fish Fishing Lure Kit

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This assortment of lures is ideal for a day of fishing for a variety of game fish from the shoreline of a pond or lake.

Cover the entire water column from the top with a Rebel Pop-R all the way to the bottom with a War Eagle Grubber.

The perfect kit for a day at your favorite pond or for fishing from the shoreline of a pond or lake.


  • Plano Tackle Box
  • Bandit 100 (Pearl/Black Back)
  • BOOYAH Pond Magic Buzz (Shad)
  • BOOYAH Pond Magic (Fire Fly)
  • Rebel Pop-R (Ol' Bass)
  • Rebel Tracdown Minnow (Tennessee Shad)
  • War Eagle 5/16-ounce Nickel Frame (Sexxy Shad)
  • War Grubber 3/16-ounce
  • YUM 4-inch Dinger (Black/Blue Flake)
  • YUM 5-inch Dinger (Watermelon/Red Flake)
  • YUM Swim'N Grub (White)
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