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600 lb., 1200 lb. & 2000 lb. Protein Deer Feeders

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High Capacity Protein Feeders

Are you looking to maintain or increase the size of the deer population on your ranch, plantation, hunting property or other land? Give deer access to protein feed whenever that want so the whole herd can heal and grow their muscles, antlers and stay healthy. Whether you already have or want to start a supplemental protein feeding program, finding the right equipment and feed is essential to giving wildlife in your area the nutritional diet they need, especially in seasons where their natural food supply may diminish due to weather conditions.

About Our Large Protein Feeders

Texas Hunter's Xtreme Protein Feeders come with several sizes to choose from. Texas Hunter carries 600 lb., 1,200 lb. & 2,000 lb. capacity feeders. Our weather resistant feeder is American-made and ships fast to anywhere in the U.S.

All models come equipped with features that include:

  • Heavy-duty hinged lid with built-in lid stops
  • Powder-coated steel stand with skids for portability
  • Four to six protein feed stations for many deer to feed at once
  • Contour design for continuous feed flow

Protein Feeder Features and Benefits

Our high capacity protein feeders are roto-molded, so they're heavy-duty and durable. Texas Hunter's large capacity protein feeders are also 26% cooler than steel feeders, and keeps feed dry and fresh. They're easy to set up and move with an advanced feed flow system.

The hopper will never rust, and the feed ports are adjustable to ensure feed flow control. The innovative and durable design allows Texas Hunter feeders to stand up against harsh weather elements and seasonal changes. We also design them to minimize antler contact and to provide continuous feed flow.

Why Choose a Texas Hunter Protein Feeder

Choosing Texas Hunter Products means selecting the top products in the industry through a company that's supplied feeders and related products to outdoors and wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and hunters since 1954. We service the entire U.S. with fast, economical shipping. We put our experience and care into every product, and we are committed to customer satisfaction and providing the best gravity deer feeders on the market.

The exceptional quality of our products and commitment to designing the best deer feeders on the market today has led to our wide success. We use premium materials to ensure our products withstand the test of time. Large protein feeders are an excellent choice for recreational or commercial use. However, our protein feeders aren't our only options. You can also browse our other products like hanging deer feeders, stand and fill deer feeders and hunting blinds to be prepared with any tools and accessories you may need.

Browse Heavy-Duty Protein Feeders

Browse Texas Hunter's quality protein feeders or other products online. Order on our easy-to-use site or give us a call with any questions or to help you find a local dealer.