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Fawn Protein Feeders

Helping baby deer grow up healthy is crucial for your deer population, since most of a deer's growth happens during its early years. To be healthy, deer need a combination of carbohydrates, enough water, and vitamins and minerals. Deer forage to get their nutrition from plants, masts and forbs, but depending on what's available based on the geographical location and season, a herd's diet can easily get out of balance.

Food for deer and other wildlife can diminish in the winter months, leading to malnourished animals and even starvation. Not only is feeding young deer and watching them grow an exciting way to experience nature, but it can also result in necessary healthy antler development, size and muscle growth, and overall health of the heard.

About Our Fawn Feeders

Texas Hunter's fawn protein feeder product line comes in three capacities. You can choose from protein feeder models, specifically designed for fawns, in 600-pound, 1,200-pound and 2,000-pound capacities. Our weather resistant fawn feeders are American-made and ship fast.

All models come equipped with features that include:

  • Heavy-duty hinged lid with built-in lid stops
  • Powder-coated steel stand with skids for portability
  • Several protein feed stations for multiple fawns

Protein Feeder Features & Benefits

Each fawn feeder is roto-molded, low profile (with feed ports low to the ground to help fawns reach it), 26% cooler than steel feeders, easy to set up and move with advanced feed flow and is heavy-duty and durable. The hopper will never rust, and the feed ports are adjustable to ensure feed flow control.

The food-grade material we manufacture them with prevents protein or other feed from being contaminated. The innovative and durable design allows Texas Hunter feeders to stand up against harsh weather elements and seasonal changes. We also design them to minimize antler contact and to provide continuous food flow.

Why Choose a Texas Hunter Fawn Feeder

Texas Hunter Products has supplied products to outdoors and wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, and hunters since 1954. You'll find our fawn feeders at lodges, ranches, recreational properties and backyards across the country.

The key to our success has been the exceptional quality of our products and commitment to customer satisfaction. We're committed to designing the best fawn deer feeders on the market today. The premium materials used to ensure they withstand the test of time. Our fawn feeder product line is an excellent choice for recreational or commercial use since we offer a range of quality and performance. You can browse our other hunting products like deer feeders and hunting blinds, so you can be prepared with any tools and hunting accessories you need.

Browse Our Selection of Fawn Feeders

After browsing our inventory of protein feeders for fawns, you can place your order securely online. If you have questions or want to find a dealer near you, give us a call at 800.969.3337 or contact us online at your convenience.