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Premium Timer Question & Answers

Premium Timer Question & Answers

Texas Hunter Engineer, Gary Kay, Answers Most Common Questions about the Texas Hunter Premium Digital Timer.

Simplicity & Precision

Gary Kay

Q: Gary, is the Texas Hunter Premium Timer easy to use?
A: One of the main objectives for the design of the Texas Hunter Timer was simplicity. The Texas Hunter Premium Timer is so easy to use that most users don’t need an instruction sheet.

Q: Why are there only 3 buttons on the Texas Hunter Timer?
A: With the simplistic design, the Premium Timer only needs 3 buttons. Simply scroll with the Menu button, Select the feature and then Set the time or event. With such a user-friendly design, there is no need for any more buttons.

Q: How many times will the Premium Timer feed per day and how long does it run?
A: The Texas Hunter Premium Timer can be set to feed from 1 to 9 times per day, day or night. The run time options are 1 to 60 seconds per feed time and the feed times can be set individually. Individual settings allow you to dispense more or less feed at various times during the day.

Q: Why does the solar charger connect to the Premium Timer instead of the battery?
A: The Premium Timer was designed to sense output from the Solar and indicate Charging on the display. This feature is available when the Solar Charger is plugged into the Premium Timer.

Q: What happens if the wires from the Texas Hunter Timer to the battery are hooked up backwards?
A: This is referred to as reverse polarity. Texas Hunter designed the Premium Timer to use reverse polarity as a motor test feature. If you have a situation where your feeder is not running at all, simply reverse the wires to the positive and negative battery terminals. If the motors run then you know that your battery and motors are operating properly.

Q: Does the Texas Hunter Premium Timer have a built-in battery tester?
A: Yes. The Texas Hunter Timer measures the battery voltage and displays a reading of Good, Fair, or Poor.

Q: What is the purpose of the receptacle on the bottom of the Texas Hunter Timer?
A: This receptacle is used by Texas Hunter on the new 2014 Premium Timers to run diagnostics and is also used to install any programming updates.

Q: What is the importance of the test feature?
A: The test feature has two primary functions. First, it helps confirm proper operation of the feeder. Second, it allows you to see how much feed is distributed in a given amount of time. By being able to set the Premium Timer in test mode with any run duration between 1 to 60 seconds, you can accurately determine the feed output for any given run time.

Q: Does the Texas Hunter Timer have a built-in fuse?
A: The Texas Hunter Timer has a built-in thermal fuse that protects the system and then resets. With this design there is never a need to replace a fuse.

Q: Why is there not a battery in the Texas Hunter Timer?
A: The Texas Hunter Timer runs off the battery used to run the feeder motors. This design simplifies the system operation and eliminates the need to maintain a second battery.

Q: Will the Texas Hunter Timer operate in extreme temperature conditions?
A: Absolutely. The operating range for the Texas Hunter Timer is from -30 to 158 degrees F. You can rest assured your Texas Hunter Premium Timer will weather the elements.

Q: If I disconnect my battery do I lose my feed time programming?
A: No. The Texas Hunter Premium Timer was engineered with a memory chip which stores all feed settings indefinitely.
The Premium Digital Timer is featured in
all Texas Hunter Dual Motor Fish Feeders.