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Want to Get your Kids Excited About Hunting?

Are you looking for ways to get your kids or grandkids to fall in love with deer hunting? Today, there’s a lot out there competing for children’s attention so how do you get them excited about spending a great day making memories with you in the woods? Here are some tips that we hope will help you encourage more kids to go deer hunting.

1. Take a Hunter’s Safety Class Together. Before kids can legally hunt in most states, they need to pass a hunter’s safety course. Take the course with them and make the day fun, and to demonstrate the importance of learning about gun safety and hunting regulations while spending quality time together.

2. Make the trip a fun, family experience. Travel to your hunting destination in advance and set up camp, roast some marshmallows, tell some campfire stories and spend a few days enjoying the outdoors.

3. Teach them about the principals behind wildlife management. Talk about the history of whitetails and why deer hunting is not just an effective management strategy, but how hunting controls whitetail populations and protects the environment. Discuss in advance what harvesting a deer will be like and get them excited about celebrating a successful hunt.

4. Have realistic expectations. Your dad might have made you sit still for 10 hours in a deer blind your first time hunting, but that’s not a realistic scenario for young hunters these days. Plan those first hunts for just a few hours and bring along drinks and snacks, something to read and even a smartphone to play games on during lulls in activity. Keep in mind that the goal is to make deer hunting fun and exciting watching the wildlife and experiencing nature — not something they have to endure.

5. Keep ‘em dry and warm. Hunting season means cold, wet weather across much of the country so it’s important to consider how you will keep your kids comfortable, especially during those first hunting adventures. Texas Hunter Products has been producing warm and comfortable hunting blinds for over 60 years. Inside, you’re protected from the rain, snow, sleet and cold wind. A good deer blind can turn an ordinary hunting trip into a comfortable, enjoyable experience for both you and your kids. Consider the full line of Texas Hunter Hunting Blinds available at