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The Benefits of Protein Feeders

Developing big deer requires consistent efforts throughout the year. The use of protein feeders continues to increase as the awareness of feeding protein helps to improve whitetail deer health and antler growth.

While the winter months are the ideal time to get your protein feeders set up and in place, whitetail deer are desperately searching for the necessary food needed in order to stay healthy year-round. Severe winters can affect the quality of nutrition that these animals need to grow healthy and strong. Whitetail deer can lose up to 30% of their body weight during this ‘winter stress’.  Protein feeders help to ensure that a generous supply of protein will be available for healthy antler growth before spring returns with ample food sources.

Supplemental feeding also provides nutrients that can benefit the fawn while still in the womb. Once you begin using protein feeders, you’ll begin to notice a healthier herd and higher fawn survival rate. By the third year, you should begin witnessing an increase in body weight, higher survival rate, and a significant increase in antler size.

Antler growth begins in March, so there’s no time like the present to get started. Texas Hunter Products offers eight reliable deer protein feeder models to choose from ranging from  300 pound to 2,000 pound capacities. Texas Hunter designed their protein feeders with the three major ingredients in growing Trophy Deer in mind: time, genetics, and nutrition. The innovative Gravity Protein Feeders provide deer access to protein feed whenever they want it – with a contour design that produces a continuous flow of food.

Feed ports with adjustable Feed-Flow Baffles allow for different pellet sizes as well as protein feed volume control. This Advanced Feed Flow System, a Texas Hunter exclusive, allows complete control over feed disbursement and a Specially Engineered Contour Design provides continuous feed flow. Each Texas Hunter Protein Feeder is Roto-Molded with the same durable construction as Yeti ® Coolers. They will Never Rust and are built to be Indestructible. Best of all, they’re portable, built to last a lifetime and the setup is easy.

Ideally, protein feeders should be located in a secluded spot near a plentiful water supply.Here are some quick protein feeding tips to ensure optimal use:

  • Depending on the size of your herd, you should set up one feeder for about every 20 to 30 deer.
  • Make sure protein is accessible 24 hours a day, as consistent feeding is key.
  • For uniformity of antler growth throughout your deer herd, increase access to feed by installing multiple protein feeders.

Protein feeders will provide an alternative source of food to boost the overall health of your deer herd during scarce winter months. You can rely on Texas Hunter Products’ patented protein feeders to supply ample protein feed for healthy whitetail deer and antler growth. Texas Hunter Products offers a full line of deer protein feeders that are in-stock and ready to ship direct to you. Complete details online at