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Blog - deerhunting

Blog - "Solid Shots" Part 6

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For a deer hunter, hunting season is the very best time of the year. We anxiously count off the months until we finally have the opportunity to pursue the game we love.

Texas Hunter Products want your hunting experiences to be the best they can possibly be, and this means getting you properly prepared to hunt.

Be sure to check out Part 5 in which we demonstrated where to place when your shot when your target is not completely in the clear.

A Special Word Regarding Youth Hunters and New Hunters

As a hunting community we are going to have to get serious about recruiting young people and new hunters, otherwise we risk losing our treasured hunting heritage. One way we can creatively introduce potential new hunters into hunting is by giving them resources that will instill sound hunting and shooting practices. This not only gives the new hunter the best chance to have a positive experience in the field, it is our ethical responsibility to the game animals we love to hunt.

While practice shooting at a 10-ring target is certainly productive for instilling basic shooting technique, giving the new hunter an opportunity to shoot at practice targets that depict real world hunting scenarios they will encounter in the field is the proper way to train a new hunter. With the correct knowledge of kill-zones, and by incorporating a creative, fun, inexpensive way to teach and train a new hunter, we can ensure that a new generation of hunters is trained in the proficient and ethical way to take game.


Special thanks to Shur Kill Targets for article content.

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Deer Blind Observations for Success

by Joe DoggettUnless your family crest depicts David Crockett on one escutcheon and Daniel Boone on another, the odds of "walking up" a mature white-tailed buck are not very good. In fact, they are terrible.Ramming around on foot in the brush is an excellent way for the average hunter to spook and scatter game that could have been taken [...]

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Patience is a virtue in hunting blinds

by Joe DoggettWhile you are huddled in the deer stand and growing old waiting for light, take a moment to ensure that your variable scope is turned to its lowest magnification. The resulting increase in the field of view will gather more light for enhancing an early target. And, keep in mind that any deer that becomes visible during [...]

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