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Why it’s the Best Time to Start Feeding Protein

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Developing big deer requires consistent efforts throughout the year including the spring and summer months. Whitetail deer are searching for the necessary food needed to stay healthy year-round. Texas Hunter Protein Feeders are a great way to supplement your deer’s diet because they provide a steady stream of nutritious feed to improve the overall health of your deer.

Higher Survival Rates = More Deer

A consistent diet of protein feed will result in a larger population of deer because of the  higher survival rates with feeding. A protein feeding program gives your deer the energy they need to survive. During the rut, bucks get worn down. With a protein supplement they’ll have more energy and faster overall body recovery to help increase survival rates and initiate antler development.

Improved Antler Development

Feeding protein also gives deer the important nutrients they need to maximize their antler growth during the spring and summer. By providing protein year-round, you’ll improve their antler development and their chances of growing a bigger rack.

Does and Fawns

Don’t forget about the ladies! High protein diets are also beneficial to pregnant and lactating does. The higher nutrition benefits fawns during initial growth in the womb as well as after birth through the milk from the does. With a higher fawn survival rate, you have an opportunity for more trophy bucks in the future.

Corn Attracts and Protein Grows

Feeding corn with Texas Hunter Directional, Wildlife, or Road Feeders attract deer, but Protein Feeders give the higher nutrition needed to maximize buck and doe health. It’s ideal to have both corn and protein feeders to provide a complete diet for your deer.

Texas Hunter Products Protein Feeders

Texas Hunter Products makes starting and maintaining a supplemental deer feeding program easy and affordable. With several models available and exclusive patented technology, Texas Hunter engineered the most innovative protein feeders ever designed. Texas Hunter Products Protein feeders have a gravity flow system that always keeps protein feed fresh. The supplemental feeding of protein is a year-round effort. By strategically placing protein feeders throughout a wildlife environment, more deer can be fed.

Built to be Indestructible

The innovative Gravity Protein Feeders by Texas Hunter Products provide deer access to protein feed whenever they want it. Feed ports have adjustable Feed-Flow Baffles that allow for different pellet sizes as well as protein feed volume control. Each Texas Hunter Protein Feeder is Roto-Molded with the same durable construction as Yeti ® Coolers. They will never rust and are built to be indestructible. Best of all, setup is easy, they’re portable, and built to last a lifetime.

Let's Get Started

Antler growth begins in the spring, so there’s no time like the present to get started. Texas Hunter Products offers eight reliable deer protein feeder models to choose from ranging from 300 pound to 2,000 pound capacities. Texas Hunter designed their protein feeders with the three major ingredients in mind: time, genetics, and nutrition.

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Benefits of Protein Feeding

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Starting a Successful Protein Feeding Program

Feeding deer protein is becoming very popular to help improve antler growth, fawn production and to keep your herd healthy when vegetation and other food sources are limited. During certain times of the year, the nutrition available from the deer’s natural habitat may not meet the deer’s needs. Introducing a quality protein feed that’s palatable [...]

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