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Placing your Shot on Whitetails

By Texas Hunter Products Contributor JOE DOGGETT  

Many guides and veteran hunters prefer the low-behind-the-shoulder placement on a broadside or slightly quartering-away deer (and that angle is more common than many hunters may realize). The stricken deer might run but should fall dead in mid-stride within 100 yards. Minimal venison is damaged, and most important, this placement strikes the boiler room but gives latitude for error. You can be off several inches and still reach confidently for a deer tag. Not all shot placements are so forgiving. This is an excellent shot for the hunter on morning hunts. Should the deer bound into nearby thick cover, bright daylight will allow easy tracking.

The evening hunter seeping the day's final light through his scope (legal hunting ends 30 minutes after sunset) might consider placing the bullet square on the deer's shoulder. This shot, held accurately, ruins more venison but drops the animal in its tracks. This eliminates the risk of a tracking job after dark. But I would advise taking a low-light evening shot only if the deer is inside 100 yards and the bullet placement is rock-solid certain. Anything less might create a miserable night.


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