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Mosquito Control Tips for Ponds and Lakes

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Mosquito Control Tips for Ponds and Lakes  by:  SOLitude Lake Management   

To drastically reduce the ideal environments for mosquitoes to breed and live, we recommend the following ecologically sustainable, preventative, and proactive mosquito control measures to pond and lake owners.

“Lake owners need to take extra care in eliminating or altering all environments that attract mosquitoes for breeding,” said David Beasley, Lead Fisheries Biologist with SOLitude Lake Management.

  • In larger aquatic environments such as lakes and ponds, circulate water with aeration. Mosquitoes breed in and prefer to live near warm, stagnant waterbodies. Circulation, though a submersed aerator or surface pond fountain, will help eliminate the environment that mosquitoes would consider for breeding.
  • Stock fish that feed on mosquito larvae. In addition to stocking mosquito fish or fathead minnows annually, there are many fish species that can be recommended by a fisheries professional for your specific state that will naturally feed on the mosquito larvae, and therefore reduce the number of surviving adult mosquitoes.
  • Plant vegetation that attracts dragonflies. Dragonflies feed on mosquito larvae and also adults. Studies have shown that a single dragonfly can eat hundreds of mosquitoes a day. Pickerelweed, arrowhead, iris, rush, and sedges are some to consider adding in and around your lake or pond.
  • Consider adding biological larvicides. If your mosquito management strategy is not making headway with natural methods, there are biological larvicides formulated from beneficial bacteria, specifically designed for the various habitats that the mosquito larvae inhabit. In order to be effective, these larvicides need to be applied anywhere from weekly to monthly, depending on conditions, during the course of spring and summer. As a result, natural methods like adding aeration and dragonfly-attracting vegetation, as well as stocking certain fish are typically preferred as more sustainable solutions.
  • SOLitude Lake Management is your full service provider of lake and pond management solutions with offices throughout the country. Visit http://www.solitudelakemanagement.com/ to learn more.

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