How To Tie The Strongest Fishing Knots
Mar 29th 2018

How To Tie The Strongest Fishing Knots

29th Mar 2018

From our friends at Field and Stream
John Merwin

We put monofilament, fluorocarbon, and superline through an exhaustive series of tests and ­discovered the very best bonds for all.

Arguments about the best terminal knot are endless. Usually they match one angler’s opinion against another’s. But to paraphrase knot maven Lefty Kreh, line-testing machines don’t have opinions. With that in mind, I tested the three basic types of line with various lure knots. Some of the results surprised even me. Here also, the percentages listed indicate the strength of the knot compared with the line’s actual unknotted line strength.

WINNER: Trilene Knot

Strength: 96% | Monofilament to a Lure

I tested five different knots with 10-pound Trilene Big Game monofilament tied to an Original Rapala and the tried-and-true Trilene knot beat all. Notably, a 6-turn clinch knot and a 5-turn improved clinch also came in at 96%, but only if they were tied with extreme care. Otherwise, they broke at a much lower percentage. The widely used Palomar knot tested at 89%.

Step 1: Pass Tag through Eye

Step 2: Repeat

Step 3: Make 5 Wraps

Step 4: Pass Through Loops and Pull Tight.

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