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How to Stop a Running Buck

A low grunt of bleat will stop a close-in deer most of the time, but you’ll need to minimize your movements.

Make a call holder by sewing a loop of elastic cord on one side of the upper chest part of your jacket. Slip a grunt call under the loop so you can easily reach it with your mouth to minimize movement. Have your gun or bow up and ready. 

Beyond 50 yards, a short, loud whistle sounds enough like a natural sound that it holds deer in place, intrigued but unalarmed, while they try to zero-in on the source. 

If you can’t produce an ear-splitting whistle with your lips, buy a referee’s whistle and slip it over your grunt call lanyard. 

Caught without a whistle? Holler “Stop!” and hope for the best!

Article by T. Edward Nickens – Field & Stream’s “The Total Outdoorsman Manual”. Find out more tips for hunters like these on  Texas Hunter Products’ blog.