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Directional Fish Feeders Grow Bigger Fish, Faster

Directional High Velocity Air Stream Feeders for Fish

Research shows that the supplemental feeding of fish in a recreational pond or lake can dramatically enhance the size of the catfish, bluegill and other forage fish that the largemouth bass consume. The bass in your pond or lake benefit from the production of these larger, healthier forage fish. Fish feeding programs also help forage fish spawn more frequently so not only will you have larger, healthier fish, they’ll be more of them. By utilizing an automatic fish feeder, you add a consistent, daily addition to the food chain, and this supplemental feeding regimen leads to bigger, healthier catfish, trophy bass and other fish species.

Directional High Velocity Air Stream

Utilizing a high velocity air stream, Texas Hunter Fish Feeders project fish feed pellets up to 45 feet into the water with a 20 ft. wide wedge-shaped pattern. This fish feeder has a broad feed pattern that projects fish feed in one direction that spreads the fish feed across the lake’s surface. This broad fish feed pattern gives more fish a chance to consume the feed. With Texas Hunter Directional Fish Feeders you can set up to 9 feed events per day depending on how many fish you have, and often you’d like to feed. Each feed event can be set from 1 to 60 seconds, providing complete control over the amount of feed dispensed. Fish are drawn to the fish feeders, creating ‘feeding zones’ that help make catching fish fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

High Efficiency Directional Fish Feeders

Texas Hunter’s high efficiency fish feeders feature a dual motor system with a built-in funnel that delivers a consistent, metered flow of feed into the powerful centrifugal air blower system. This specially designed air blower system creates a thin sheet of air that projects the fish feed into the water. Texas Hunter’s premium digital timer synchronizes the fish feeder’s two motors, turning on and off the feed flow while the air blower system is running. Because of this unique design, fish feed is not dropped directly in front of the feeder so it doesn’t attract varmints or other non-targeted animals.

As a general rule, all feed should be consumed by the fish within 5 to 10 minutes of each feed event. If you observe fish feed floating on the water after this time you should reduce the number of seconds of the feeding. If the fish are consuming all of the feed in just a few minutes, you can increase the amount of fish feed dispensed for that feed event.

All Texas Hunter Fish Feeders are powered by a 12 volt rechargeable battery. The battery allows you to set-up the feeder anywhere, regardless of access to electricity. An optional solar charger keeps the battery fully-charged year-round. With Texas Hunter Fish Feeders, you can quickly install the solar charger on any side of the feeder by plugging it in to the side of the feeder that will receive the most sun.

The secret to growing bigger trophy bass is a regular feeding program. The secret to Texas Hunter’s patented directional fish feeders is in the design and engineering. Texas Hunter Fish Feeders are available in three models or capacities: 70 lbs.175 lbs. or 250 lbs. of fish feed. Texas Hunter Products has built a reputation in the automatic feeder industry for delivering tough, long-lasting products that have met the real-life needs of outdoor enthusiasts for over 60 years.