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Designing a Feeding Program for Your Fish

Designing a Feeding Program for Your Fish

By Bob Lusk, the Pond Boss

When you become the proud owner of a Texas Hunter Fish Feeder, the best automatic pond fish feeder money can buy… How’s the best way to use it?

Not many years ago, feeding fish was simple. Set up your fish feeder, head to the local feed store, buy whatever fish food they had, fill the feeder, set the timer and let it do what it does.

Today’s world of pond management and fish growth doesn’t quite work that way. Now, you can design a feeding program for your fish. That program depends heavily on a handful of concepts, starting with your goals…and your timeline for results.

Want to feed your baitfish to enhance your food chain for largemouth bass? You can do that. Interested in growing giant bluegill sunfish? You can. Channel catfish for the next fish fry? Ditto. Maybe you want to step into the cutting edge realm of feed-trained largemouth bass so you can increase numbers of well-fed fish. Or, you’ve heard about those silvery freight-train fish, hybrid striped bass that grow oh-so-fast.

Your feeder can do yeoman’s work. You choose the mission. Texas Hunter has the feeders; Purina Mills has created products to guarantee results. Go ahead, be picky. It’s okay.

If you want to feed catfish or just have a little fun with bluegills around the dock, fill your Texas Hunter Fish Feeder with Purina’s AquaMax Pond Products. These grain-based feeds are specially designed to supplement what Nature offers. Channel catfish grow quite well with these products. Bluegill can grow as large as a pound.

But, if you choose to feed more carnivorous fish, such as feed-trained largemouth bass or hybrid stripers…or you want to grow bluegill to monster sizes, use Purina’s AquaMax Sport Fish products. These high quality, fish-meal based feeds have been designed specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of predator fish.

Part of your feeding program is choosing pellet size, too. If you want to target small fish to grow to bigger sizes faster, choose smaller pellets. If you’ve decided to buy adult fish and continue their growth rates from the hatchery, buy bigger nuggets.

Here’s the bottom line. In today’s world, if you have specific goals and fish food plays a role, you have a variety of choices to help you get the results you expect.

If you don’t already have a Texas Hunter fish feeder on your pond or lake, they are available in three capacities with different mounting options and solar chargers to keep the battery fully charged year-round. Watch the videos to get the full details or call 800.969.3337 for a full color catalog by mail.