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Benefits of Feeding your Fish with Texas Hunter Fish Feeders

Why feed your fish?

A fish feeding program supplements your pond or lake’s existing food sources by feeding the forage fish in your pond or lake. The supplemental feeding program provides a consistent food supply for the sport fish in your pond. Supplemental feeding can also attract forage fish to specific areas in your pond or lake which can create ‘feeding zones’ and also help improve catch rates of sport fish in those areas.

What are forage fish?

Forage fish are smaller fish, such as minnows, bluegill and small catfish that the larger fish in your pond or lake will eat. A healthy number of forage fish will provide food that larger sport fish such as bass and trout like to prey upon to thrive. A feeding program will help grow your forage fish, and in turn your sport fish into larger fish faster.

What are the benefits of supplemental feeding of fish?

Supplemental feeding of your fish affects a pond’s entire food chain, from the phytoplankton at the bottom of your pond and everything else above. Fish food supplies extra nutrients in the water which feeds more water bugs which feed more insects which, in turn, feed more fish. Research has shown that ponds stay healthy, fish grow bigger and faster, and you can maintain more fish in per-acre populations with a supplemental feeding program.

How can supplemental feeding increase the quality of sport fish in my pond?

The sport fish in your lake such as bass, walleye and catfish eat the smaller fish including shad, bluegills, minnows, smaller catfish and other forage fish that eat the fish feed. By feeding the forage fish, you provide a better meal for your sport fish. As an added bonus, forage fish such as bluegill will spawn more frequently on a fish feeding program which can increase the number of forage fish in your pond or lake.

How do Texas Hunter automatic fish feeders help fish?

Once you start a fish feeding program, it’s important to feed at the same times and place each day. Texas Hunter Directional Fish Feeders make it easy to set up to 9 feed times per day. You can increase or decrease the amount of fish feed dispensed by adjusting the number of seconds of each feed event. Fish feeders are designed to run on a rechargeable battery with an optional solar charger to keep the battery charged year-round. Fish feeders by Texas Hunter Products are a reliable way to provide supplemental feed to your fish on a regular basis. Texas Hunter Products makes starting and maintaining a supplemental fish feeding program easy. With several models to choose from and an exclusive patented technology, Texas Hunter fish feeders were designed to help you grow bigger fish faster.