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A Road Feeder Tradition


Using road feeders has become a tradition in our family during the holidays. The tradition of the yellow brick road comes to mind – as crazy as that sounds – let me share with you why.

As we all gather as a family at Thanksgiving, part of our day is at the ranch. All the family is there as we ride around and spread the corn using our Texas Hunter Road Feeders. The kids started to call the corn left behind our ‘yellow brick road’ and that’s where this tradition all began.

Driving around, we leave our yellow trail behind. We stop and sit every now and then as a family to watch the wildlife. The birds are there, wild turkeys are feeding behind us, gobbling and fanning their tails while a handful of does with a mature trophy buck are leisurely feeding as they slowly make their way down to the pond.

The nice thing about feeding the roads on the ranch is that it gives you an opportunity to see a lot of different wildlife. In previous years we have seen wild turkey, quail, pheasant, hogs, javalinas, deer and an abundance of birds of all colors. We all have great fun pointing-out the types of animals and birds we see. Touring the ranch, we leave a trail of feed in the areas where we want to hunt or observe and photograph wildlife later.

That afternoon, my son Bobby wanted to use the road feeder on his Jeep. Because it’s a Texas Hunter road feeder, no problem! Texas Hunter feeders power up in two ways. They are pre-wired to connect to any vehicle’s trailer light plug, or they run off of a common 12 volt deer feeder battery. So we simply slipped the feeder into the receiver hitch, plugged it in and he was ready to go.


As we drive back to camp we continue taking turns with the remote. The extra trails of corn will help keep the animals out the rest of the afternoon. Everybody; adults and kids alike can use the Texas Hunter Road Feeder. All anyone has to do is press and hold the button on the remote control to automatically dispense the corn – the kids think it’s the coolest thing ever!


This family tradition has been passed down over the years and creates great memories…and the abundance of wildlife will be remembered for generations to come. I have many great memories hunting with the family, and about the only difference back then is that we didn’t have a wireless remote control for the feeder.

Road feeders make a great gift for family members during the holidays. Texas Hunter makes two sizes, one that holds a standard 50 lb. bag and one that’ll hold 2 bags. It’s great because you can stop and add a bag of corn and keep on going.

For us, taking the family hunting makes for great memories. And when everyone’s gone, the road feeder is still there so you can keep feeding the senderas (Spanish for road) and create great opportunities to photograph the wildlife, or harvest a trophy buck.