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The Big 4-0 for Annual Hunters Extravaganza

Jerry Johnston always thought big.When he founded what may be the first magazine focusing on white-tailed deer hunting in 1975, he didn’t sell subscriptions; he sold memberships in what he called the Texas Trophy Hunters Association, headquartered in San Antonio.Magazine was nowhere to be found in the publication’s name, Texas Hunters Hotline, which later morphed into The Journal of the Texas [...]

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Mosquito Control Tips for Ponds and Lakes

Mosquito Control Tips for Ponds and Lakes  by:  SOLitude Lake Management    To drastically reduce the ideal environments for mosquitoes to breed and live, we recommend the following ecologically sustainable, preventative, and proactive mosquito control measures to pond and lake owners. “Lake owners need to take extra care in eliminating or altering all environments that attract mosquitoes for breeding,” said David Beasley, [...]

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How to Produce Trophy Bass

How to Produce Trophy Bass by Bob Lusk the Pond Boss In past years, feeding fish was a past-time. Folks were entertained by the novelty of finny critters chasing floating food pellets on the surface. They had not been informed about the benefits. What a difference a few years and fisheries science has made for today’s off-the chart results for–feeding fish. High protein [...]

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Grilled Chile Spiced Fish Fillets

Grilled Chile Spiced Fish Fillets. What better time is there to fire up the grill than summer time? Grilled fish fillets are quick, enjoyable and most of all, healthy. This inexpensive Grilled Chile Spiced Fish Fillets recipe is perfect for that lazy summer evening. Any fish will do; bass, catfish, snapper, trout, tilapia or cod. White fish [...]

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5 Most Important Principles of Pond Management

by Bob Lusk, Pond Boss MagazineOver decades of trying to figure out how ponds work, it’s become distinctly apparent that every pond is different, and each has its own quirks. Some seem to work in harmony with themselves and their owners, while others blow up and act like a rebellious teenager—and we become frustrated parents. A pond in a [...]

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4 Reasons to Take Your Kids Fishing This Summer

#1 Get ‘em outdoors. Most kids spend a lot of time in front of electronics after school and during winter months. And even if they’re involved in sports, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re focused on being outdoors. Summer is a great time to pick-up a couple of fishing poles and head to a nearby state park with a lake. Being [...]

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Designing a Feeding Program for your Fish

Designing a Fish Feeding Program By Bob Lusk... Not long ago, we heard from a neighbor that we could feed our fish. Heck, walk out on the dock, stomp your foot three times and toss out little hunks of day-old bread and watch the catfish come to the surface like whiskered vacuum cleaners and suck it down their [...]

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Top 4 Shoreline Fishing Techniques

Increase your chances of catching fish in ponds and lakes this summer with these helpful techniques.#1 Chumming: Many anglers associate chumming with offshore fishing, but it can do wonders for land-bound anglers fishing in ponds and lakes too. Simply take a fish basket or a commercially sold chum bag, tie it off to something on a pier or the bank [...]

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Texas Hunter Starboard XL Freeze Test

Texas Hunter Products deer blinds are built with STARBOARD XL to keep you comfortable, even in freezing weather. This laboratory test shows why: We hit the Texas Hunter STARBOARD XL with a blast of CO2 equal to an arctic winter blast of minus 40-degrees. Yet, on the inside, an exposed hand safely touches the surface [...]

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Deer and Protein: Deer Protein Pellets

Deer and Protein: Deer Protein Pellets By Purina Animal Nutrition Expert Dr. Larry Varner, Deer Nutritionist for Purina Animal Nutrition There is considerable controversy regarding the percentage of dietary protein that deer require. Many people believe that deer cannot tolerate more than 16 percent dietary protein, and that high-protein diets are wasteful or even toxic. This simply is not true. High [...]

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