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Emergency Contact List For Hunters

As you're preparing for your hunt, here’s a handy form to use to write down important contact numbers and information you may take with you on your hunt. Once filled-out, shoot a photo and text it to your friends and family so they will also have this information. #huntersafety #texashunterproducts www.TexasHunter.com

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6 Tips for Better Bowhunting

1. Float the PinAllowing the sight pin to float around the deer as you squeeze the trigger will help you tighten your groups. When practicing, don’t try and hold the pin perfectly still on your mark, which is hard to do anyway. Instead, let the pin float around the target and then squeeze, keeping it slow and steady. 2. [...]

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Product Feature - Texas Hunter Products Stand & Fill Deer Feeders

This year’s game changers from Texas Landowner Magazine includes Texas Hunter Products’ Stand and Fill Deer Feeders in their 2016 Hunting Season Gear Guide.  Check out the Texas Hunter Stand & Fill Deer Feeders here: www.TexasHunter.com

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Stand & Fill Directional Wildlife Feeders by Texas Hunter Products

Available in three capacities: 300 lb. 400 lb. and 500 lb. with Low Profile Stand and Fill Design. Found to be 100% Varmint Proof in recent study by Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Premium Timer with 5-Year Limited Warranty. The Texas Hunter powerful high velocity air blower system projects feed up to 50-feet in one direction with [...]

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Texas Hunter Products Road Feeders

There is not an easier or more convenient way to spread corn on your roads and senderos than with a Texas Hunter Road Feeder (often called Tailgate Feeders or Bumper Feeders). Simply press the button on the wireless remote control to dispense the feed. Texas Hunter Road Feeders are available in 50 lb. and 100 lb. capacities featured in this [...]

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Texas Hunter Starboard XL Shotgun Test

Texas Hunter Products’ STARBOARD XL used to build our deer blinds is through-and-through strong, not a coating or layer. We took a panel of the material to a firing range. Watch how it handles the full blast of a shotgun. Inch-for-inch, Texas Hunter STARBOARD XL is stronger than steel to withstand the blast. Texas Hunter [...]

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7 Tips to Bag More Dove

With their aerial acrobatics, dove can be tough little birds to hit. If you try to track or measure your shots, let us warn you in advance, you’ll just be shooting a lot of holes in the sky. So with dove hunting, it’s OK and usually best to let your instincts take over.Use a modified or improved-cylinder choke tube [...]

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Product Review - Texas Hunter Products Swivel Dove Stool

Just in time for Dove Season. Check out this great product review from our friends at the Texas Sporting Journal on the Texas Hunter Products Swivel Shooters Stool Another trick to staying transparent to flying doves is to stay low. Being that I am in the older generation category, kneeling or bending does not work well [...]

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The Big 4-0 for Annual Hunters Extravaganza

Jerry Johnston always thought big.When he founded what may be the first magazine focusing on white-tailed deer hunting in 1975, he didn’t sell subscriptions; he sold memberships in what he called the Texas Trophy Hunters Association, headquartered in San Antonio.Magazine was nowhere to be found in the publication’s name, Texas Hunters Hotline, which later morphed into The Journal of the Texas [...]

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Mosquito Control Tips for Ponds and Lakes

Mosquito Control Tips for Ponds and Lakes  by:  SOLitude Lake Management    To drastically reduce the ideal environments for mosquitoes to breed and live, we recommend the following ecologically sustainable, preventative, and proactive mosquito control measures to pond and lake owners. “Lake owners need to take extra care in eliminating or altering all environments that attract mosquitoes for breeding,” said David Beasley, [...]

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