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Facing a Hard Case in Cistern

The incident serving as the basis for this column was based loosely on true events. The memory of the bar setting stuck in my mind and several years later I expanded the anecdote into a short story, The Gift Shot. The story ran in Field & Stream Magazine and subsequently won the President’s Choice award given by the Outdoor Writers [...]

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Recipe: Smoked Wild Hog Macaroni & Cheese

Wondering to do with any leftover wild pig ham you might have from last week's smoking project? Add it to macaroni and cheese and serve at a college football party, of course. This recipe is an amalgamation of my girlfriend T. Rebel's recipe for macaroni and cheese and my mom's long-standing recipe. T. Rebel started it as I was [...]

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Customer Testimonial - Cory Sumner, Magnolia, TX

"Went this past weekend to my deer lease. Most everyone's deer feeders were knocked over and torn-up by hogs and coons. Not mine! I have three Texas Hunter EZ Lift Feeders that were all in perfect shape and still had full charges on all the batteries after sitting for a year. I can't say enough [...]

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By Joe Doggett, Texas Hunter Products Contributing Writer.  A BIG WHITETAIL BUCK APPEARED from nowhere and stepped through the brush. His dark and heavy antlers glowed like a crown against the South Texas dawn. Swelling with the power of the rut, he paused to savage a mesquite bush.At once, the great buck filled my focus. I turned on the tree stand, [...]

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Winter Pond Maintenance

Winter Provides Opportunities for Beneficial Pond MaintenanceBy Bob Lusk, Bob Lusk OutdoorsWe look forward to Fall lake survey season. It presents opportunities to visit numerous properties, observe innovative management methods, and share them with you. Our staff hopes this suggestion will protect feeders and improve feeding efficiency.Many folks confront a continual challenge with shoreline feeders [...]

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Customer Testimonial - George Higdon, Baton Rouge, LA

“As a customer for years, Texas Hunter Products has supplied me with the best products.I'm still using the first products I purchased years ago, they last forever.And most of all their service is great from everyone on the Texas Hunter Products Team”. - George Higdon, Baton Rouge, LA

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Recipe: Leftover Turkey Carnitas

I'm writing this after four solid days of roasting and smoking turkeys by sunlight and painting the walls in my house by moonlight. The last thing I want to do right now is write a long article. It's also going to be published the morning of Thanksgiving, which means that the last thing you'll want [...]

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Whitetail Deer Antler Growth Process

Since the dawn of creation, man has been fascinated by deer antlers. They are the fastest growing bone material known to man, and over a course of 120 days from late March through early August, a mature buck can grow in excess of 200 inches of bone on his head.Many believe that having great summer growing conditions is the [...]

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Road Feeders by Texas Hunter Products

Awesome hunting rig with a Texas Hunter Road Feeder sent in by Mike Hoffart of Spring, TX - looks like he's ready for hunting season. Thanks for sending, Mike! Texas Hunter Products offers a Big Selection of Products tested for generations of Deer Hunters across the nation. The product line includes Deer Feeders, Road Feeders, Protein Feeders, [...]

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Whopper Whitetails — Some of The Biggest Bucks in the Wild On Record

from our friends at GrandView Outdoors.MANY HUNTERS KILL TROPHY DEER EACH YEAR IN THE WILD, BUT VERY FEW MANAGE TO TAKE BUCKS LIKE THESE ONE-OF-A-KIND MONSTERS. ONE OF THE BIGGEST WHITETAIL BUCKS EVER KILLED BY A HUNTER IN THE WILDTennessee native Stephen Tucker set a new record in 2016 with a 47-point trophy whitetail. The 27-year-old farmer and avid deer hunter [...]

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