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Winter Bass Fishing on Ponds and Small Lakes

Breaks in winter weather offer evenings like this when the bass remain sluggish but are active enough to take the bait. Photo: Amy Hatfield Winter Bass Fishing on Ponds and Small Lakes If you Google, “What do bass eat in winter,” the first things that pop up are jigs. But never mind the fishing, what do they [...]

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The Importance of Protein Feeders to Healthy Antler Development

The Importance of Protein Feeders to Healthy Antler Development With spring upon us, we're heading into peak season for bucks to begin the fascinating cycle of growing their antlers. Covered in velvet skin rich with oxygen and nutrients, antlers are some of the fastest-growing bones in the entire animal kingdom, growing up to a 1/2-inch per [...]

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Creating Soft Edges to Improve Deer Habitat

How To Create Your Property's Soft Edges to Improve Deer Habitat As symmetrical and "right" as the above property appears, it's not what deer hunters should aspire to. When you look at your land, what do you see? Field, forest and food plots? The most successful and knowledgeable deer and deer-habitat managers view their properties not as [...]

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Best Places to Find Shed Antlers

The link between where you are likely to find a buck’s shed antlers and where you are likely to shoot that buck in the fall is way overrated. In winter when a buck's antlers are dropping, his life revolves around finding the best quality food to replenish his body after the peak rut period. Bucks will [...]

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Benefits of Protein Feeding

Click to Enlarge Where to Place Protein Feeders Protein feeder placement plays an important role in antler development because bucks tend to dominate feeders with protein-rich feeds. Whitetail bucks frequent protein feeders daily, especially during times of low natural forage and feeding protein is beneficial for the entire deer community, including pregnant, nursing does and fawns. When establishing [...]

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Whitetail Deer Antler Growth Process

Do you want your bucks to have bigger antlers this year? Before you treat your deer, you need to understand the basics of what antlers are and how antlers form over time. Antlers are pieces of bone that grow out of the pedicles of a deer. Nutrition, age and genetics all play a role in how [...]

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Improve Your Deer With Protein

Many consider the supplemental feeding of protein to deer to be a key factor in a deer management program and an ideal source of nutrition for deer. Setting the stage with a supplemental protein feeding program will improve the health of your deer herd and give them the additional supplements they need to reach their [...]

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How Do You Become America's #1 Protein Feeder?

How do you become America’s #1 Protein Feeder? With a patented design and a high-density roto-molded manufacturing process - just like whitewater kayaks and Yeti® Coolers. Texas Hunter’s Xtreme Protein Feeders are built to be indestructible. The extremely durable hopper is made from a food grade polymer with built-in UV protection that blocks the harsh rays [...]

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Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Backstrap Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon Wrapped Back Strap Jalapeno Poppers Ingredients Venison Backstrap Jalapeno peppers  Cream Cheese (room temperature) 
Seasoning Regular-cut slices of bacon Toothpicks InstructionsSlice peppers in half lengthwise and remove the seeds. Slice backstrap into 1/4" thick pieces roughly the size of your halved pepper.
 Mix together your cream cheese and preferred seasoning. Fill each pepper half with cream cheese and lay a piece of backstrap on top. Wrap each pepper with [...]

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Blog - 4 Tips to Make You a Better Deer Hunter

BAG DIRT AND LEAVES AROUND YOUR STAND OR BLIND Shower with a scent-free soap before every hunting trip and keep your hunting clothes sealed in a plastic container or bag with leaves, dirt, and other ground debris from around your hunting area. Doing so allows your hunting clothing to take on the naturally-occurring scents that permeate your hunting location. BEWARE OF [...]

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