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Turkey Talk

Birds are singing in the mornings. Spring is here. That means gobblers are getting fired-up. Here’s a run-down on some turkey talk. Wild turkey calls are a universal language no matter what part of America you’re hunting. Here are the basic sounds you should know: Gobble — this call is uttered by the male turkeys [...]

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Turkey Hunter's Checklist

A Handy Turkey Hunter's Checklist put together by our friends at the National Wild Turkey Federation. We hope you enjoy the sights, sounds and experiences spring turkey season brings. For more information on this year's spring turkey season visit NWTF's state-by-state Spring Hunt Guide to plan your spring turkey hunts. We hope you have a [...]

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Largemouth Bass Forage for Ponds & Lakes

                                   Largemouth Bass Forage for Ponds & Lakes By Scott Brown, Southern Sportsman Aquatics and Land Management Largemouth bass are the most sought after fish in the country.The majority of landowners want BIG bass and lots of them to catch!To obtain quality/trophy size largemouth bass, numbers of bass must be reduced and forage present must be increased.The size [...]

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Creating Deer Communities with Protein Feeders

Protein feeder placement plays an important role in antler development because bucks tend to dominate protein-rich feeds. The bucks will feed at the protein feeders daily, especially during times of low natural forage like in the summer months. Feeding protein is beneficial for the entire deer community, including pregnant, nursing does and fawns. When setting-up a supplemental feeding program for your [...]

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Montana Venison Stew Recipe

Montana Venison Stew Recipe from The Complete Venison Cookbook by Harold W. Webster, Jr. Montan Venison Stew Makes: 6-8 Servings Ingredients: 1 1/2 Cups Flour Salt Black Pepper 4 Cups Venison Backstraps, Diced 1 Cup Cooking Oil 7 Cups Water 1 Bay Leaf 1 Medium Yellow Onion, Chopped 2 Medium Clove Garlic, Chopped 2 Medium Potatoes, Cubed 2 Medium Carrots, Cubed Directions: Mix and sift flour, salt and black pepper. [...]

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XPF Protein Feeders by Texas Hunter Products

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to accelerate antler development in your deer herd is by starting a Protein Feeding program. With Texas Hunter Products, supplemental feeding has never been easier. Our line of patented large-capacity Xtreme Protein Feeders make feeding easy, and are available in 600, 1,200 and 2,000 pound capacities. Each Xtreme Protein feeder is Roto-Molded like [...]

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3 Reasons to Start Feeding Protein Now

During certain times of the year, particularly winter months when vegetation is frozen, nutrition available from the deer’s natural habitat may not meet the deer’s needs. Many consider the supplemental feeding of protein to deer to be a key factor in a deer management program and an ideal source of nutrition for deer year-round. Setting the stage with a supplemental [...]

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Wild Game Nutritional Value

     Ever wonder about the nutritional value of wild game? Here is a great source from our friends at Wild Gourmet, A Boon And Crockett Publication and WideOpenSpaces.

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Watch how to Attract Trophy Bucks with the press of a button.

In order to get that trophy buck out into the open so you can get a good look at him, you will need to put some corn out. There is not an easier or more convenient way to accomplish this than with a Texas Hunter Road Feeder (often called Tailgate or Bumper Feeders.) Simply press [...]

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Carpetbagger Venison Steaks

Venison Steak Recipe from The Complete Venison Cookbook by Harold W. Webster, Jr. Carpetbagger Venison Steaks Makes: 4 Servings 4 eye-of-round venison steaks, cut about 1 1/2'” thick ½ pt. oysters (8-12) 2 cups sherry ¼ lb. butter salt and pepper to taste paprika Directions: Cut pockets into each of the steaks. Marinate the oysters in 1 cup of sherry for 1 hour. Place 2 or [...]

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