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Where to find Bass this Summer

Threadfin shad are among the most abundant - and sought after targets - of feeding bass. They’re common in southern waters and their range extends into the Midwest, though they are sensitive to cold water and die when the water temperature drops below 41°. The plankton–eating shad spawn near the surface at first light when water temperatures are higher [...]

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How to catch more Catfish

Catfish are one of the staples for anglers who enjoy eating their catch. Channel catfish are abundant throughout the south, spawning in holes and crevices in flowing water. Channel catfish may exceed 40 pounds, although the typical size is less than five pounds. White catfish, yellow bullheads and brown bullheads usually range from one to two pounds, and readily spawn [...]

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All About Antlers

Deer Hunters Love Antlers Let's face it, Deer Hunters love antlers. However this is not a new phenomenon as evidenced by the numerous paintings, etchings, and rituals involving deer in nearly every culture where deer in humans have coexisted. Not only were deer antlers used as weapons, tools, and decorations, they were revered for their fascinating shapes and sizes. This [...]

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Establishing a Formula for Shooter Bucks

Determine the categories. In an effort to help you determine the age of bucks on your lease or property and whether or not to shoot, here are some guidelines to creating a formula that will help identify shooter bucks. These categories can be used to judge bucks based on established minimums for each category: 1. Body Weight – 185 Pounds 2. Antler [...]

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After Turkey Season there’s another season and a rapidly growing sport, and that’s Bowfishing. Bowfishing is relatively new to many people, but it’s taking many parts of the country by storm, the cost is minimal and it’s fun! Equipment Bowfishing doesn’t require much. The necessities include a bow, bowfishing arrow and some sort of reel and heavy line. For a bow, there [...]

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4 Tips for Better Fishing from the Shoreline

Consider these helpful tips to increase your chances of catching fish from the shoreline. Corks: Structure in ponds and lakes can be heavy along the shorelines. When anglers are casting from the shore, they get snagged a lot, especially when fishing on the bottom. Consider using a popping cork in areas with lots of tangles. Adjust the depth so you [...]

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Directional Fish Feeders Grow Bigger Fish, Faster

Directional High Velocity Air Stream Feeders for Fish Research shows that the supplemental feeding of fish in a recreational pond or lake can dramatically enhance the size of the catfish, bluegill and other forage fish that the largemouth bass consume. The bass in your pond or lake benefit from the production of these larger, healthier forage fish. Fish feeding programs [...]

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Nest Protection: Key to Growing Turkey Population

Nest protection is the key to your poult production this time of year. One of the best sounds in the summer as your outside walking around your property is the turkey poults doing their “kee-kee-run” trying to locate their momma hen.Hens begin to nest in late March thru April in the south and as late as May in the [...]

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Finding Sheds and Tracking Patterns

Hunting Sheds? When you’re out hunting for whitetail antler sheds this spring, be sure to carry a sharpie with you. Write on the main beam the date and location you found the shed and number of inches. You could even put the GPS coordinates and plot them on a map of your ranch. After a few seasons you may [...]

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Benefits of Feeding your Fish with Texas Hunter Fish Feeders

Why feed your fish? A fish feeding program supplements your pond or lake’s existing food sources by feeding the forage fish in your pond or lake. The supplemental feeding program provides a consistent food supply for the sport fish in your pond. Supplemental feeding can also attract forage fish to specific areas in your pond or [...]

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