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About Us

Our Origins

It all began in 1954, Texas Parks and Wildlife commissioned Alvin Braden, from Fredericksburg, TX, to design a wildlife observation tower for a major wildlife research project. Braden's deer blind tower soon gained fame throughout Texas. His design was ideal for hunters looking for a better way to spot deer and other game. Texas Hunter Products began creating hunting blinds that later evolved in style and design to the deer stands and hunting blinds we offer today.

Today, Texas Hunter Products designs, manufactures and sells a vast variety of top-quality products that meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts across America. We've proudly pioneered some of the industry's most innovative designs, such as the first solar-powered deer feeders. Our brand embodies our passion for delivering reliable results and treasuring the spirit of the outdoors.

Texas Hunter Deer Feeders, Fish Feeders and More

Over the years, we've transformed Braden's original observation towers into styles that meet the needs of any photographer, hunter and wildlife observer. With a wide range of sizes and designs, you're sure to find the best-fitting hunting blinds for your property. We've also developed a comprehensive array of feeders that you can use on all property types — from ranches, plantations and hunting properties to ponds, lakes and backyards across the country. Our feeder selection includes: Road feeders | Fish feeders | Protein feeders | Deer feeders | Stand and fill feeders

Many of our customers use a road feeder and stationary deer feeders in tandem on larger properties and then observe wildlife from one of our deer blinds. We also offer hunting chairs and hunting stools and other accessories to make your wildlife excursion as comfortable as possible. Among our selection, you'll find everything you need for success in your hunting or observation endeavors.