Texas Hunter Stainless Steel Deer Feeder Spin Plate for 1/4” Motor Shafts

Purchase this stainless steel deer feeder spin plate for 1/4” motor shafts easily online at Texas Hunter Products. Get any accessories you need today.

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Texas Hunter spinner plates are made from durable stainless steel metal that will never rust.  These spinner plates have centrifugal actuated gates with gate stops to ensure proper operation.  The Texas Hunter spinner plates utilize 2 set screws for easy and secure installation.  These spinner plates are designed to provide protection from the wind, as well as from most birds and varmints.

Key Features

  • Fits 1/4" motor shaft.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel prevents rust.
  • Built-in Gate Stops ensure proper operation.
  • Gates on ends help protect feed between feed events from wind, birds, and varmints.
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