Texas Hunter 6 Volt Battery Charger with Auto Shut-off

Ensure hunting equipment is fully charged with the 6 volt battery charger with auto shut-off. Find reliable hunting accessories at Texas Hunter Products.

Charger 6
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Extend the life of your battery and stay powered with this is 6V, 500 mA regulated, dual stage charger. This Smart Battery Charger will keep your wildlife feeder running at peak performance.  Plugs into any 110-volt outlet and includes quick connect alligator clips.

Key Features

  • Dual Stage charging.
  • Overcharge Protection.
  • Short Circuit Protection.
  • Over current Protection.
  • Over Voltage Protection.
  • Polarity Reversal Protection.
  • Plugs into any 110 Volt outlet.
  • Easy to use Alligator Clip connectors included.