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2 Person Hunting Blinds

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Two-Person Hunting Blinds

One of the most enjoyable aspects of hunting is that it can serve as a fun-filled bonding activity. It's not uncommon for a family to consist of several generations of hunters. The Texas Hunter Products Xtreme Deer Blinds includes a variety of two-person hunting blinds that are perfect for parents or grandparents who want to share their passion for the outdoors with their youngsters. They're also ideal for guided hunts or other activities such as wildlife watching or photography.

We offer two-person deer blinds with a choice of ground legs or stairs to suit your preferences. The elevated units are available in 4-foot or 8-foot tower configurations. All models measure 4 feet by 8 feet, providing twice the floor space of traditional blinds — there's plenty of room for two full-size adults. Use them wherever you enjoy hunting, whether it's a backyard, private hunting property, vacation home, ranch, plantation or recreational hunting area.

Two-Man Hunting Blind Features and Benefits

An Xtreme two-man deer blind from Texas Hunter Products includes a host of features and benefits that provide maximum comfort, convenience, concealment, durability and ease of use:

  • Full doors for easy entry and exit.
  • Elevated units come with an EZ Slope stair and handrail system for access. An advanced stair pivot system also provides extra stability on uneven terrain.
  • Extra-wide and deep stairs with treads to provide sure footing in all types of weather conditions.

  • Full-door weather strip protection to keep out rain, snow and cold air.
  • Shooting ports on all four sides to accommodate two hunters or one hunter and a guide.
  • Headroom of 6 feet 3 inches provides ample room for taller hunters.
  • Hide-A-Way Window System provides concealment and helps block sunlight.
  • Marine-grade Starboard XL Siding offers maximum durability and sound absorption.
  • Maintenance-free deer blind doesn't require painting or maintenance.
  • Wide range of accessories including an optional camo window kit, deer blind shelf and shooting rest bags and shooter chairs are also available.

Why Choose a Texas Hunter Products Two-Person Hunting Blind

Texas Hunter Products has been designing, manufacturing and selling high-quality hunting blinds, as well as other hunting and fishing products such as fish feeders and deer feeders for more than 65 years. The quality and reliability of Texas Hunter Deer Stands set us apart from the other manufacturers in our industry. We're also known for delivering top-notch customer service, as well as fast, convenient shipping from coast to coast. No wonder we're a top choice for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts spanning multiple family generations.

Order Your Two-Man Deer Blind Today

Discover how a two-person hunting blind from Texas Hunter Products can help you and your loved ones enjoy the benefits of being in the outdoors. Check out our current inventory and place your order online today. To locate a dealer near you, get product selection or ordering assistance, feel free to call us at 800.969.3337 or contact us online at your convenience.