Spawning Colony® 6-Pack

Shallow Water Spawning & Escape Habitat

Fish Spawning Colony
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Shallow Water Spawning & Escape Habitat. This fishing structure is an ideal fish habitat for bluegill and other forage fish and great fish attractant! The Secret to our Fish Habitat: Texas Hunter Products teamed-up with Auburn University's Schools of Industrial Design and Fisheries to develop a full line of highly effective fish habitat and attractants for ponds and lakes. The most innovative designs were field tested by top fisheries biologists with leading lake management companies across America and their feedback was incorporated into the final patent pending designs. Designed for Every Level of Lake Management. See your Lake Management Professional or ask us for a Lake Management Professional close to you.


Key Features

Shallow Water Spawning & Escape Habitat
  • Increases Forage & Sport Fish Production
  • Creates an Ideal Spawning Environment
  • Built-in Escape Habitat on sides for Fry & Fingerlings
  • Ideal Placement in Shallow Water (2 to 3 feet deep)
  • Engineered with Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Designed to Last a Lifetime
  • Will Not Deteriorate like Natural Structures
  • Quick & Easy Installation - No Tools Required
  • Made in America
  • Surface Area: 6.37 Square Feet. Volume: 6 Cubic Feet

  • Package Includes: 6 Spawning Platforms
    What You'll Need: 3 Bags of Pea Gravel

    See Your Lake Management Professional