Observing and Evaluating Whitetails - New Updated Soft Cover Edition

Observing and Evaluating Whitetail Deer Hardcover Book

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Observing and Evaluating Whitetails - NEW UPDATED EDITION - Soft Cover. The crowning achievement of renowned whitetail photographer Dave Richards' 25 years afield pursuing white-tailed deer with a camera. Observing and Evaluating Whitetails is used by wildlife biologists, wildlife educators, Hunter Education instructors, guide schools, wildlife managers and hunters throughout the country. Contained among the book's 475+ stunning color photographs are sequences of numerous impressive bucks over multiple years showing their body and antler changes, providing a comprehensive overview of how to age and score white-tailed deer on the hoof through physical characteristics and behavior. 

Key Features

  • New Updated Edition
  • Beautiful Soft Cover
  • 475+ Stunning Color Photos
  • A comprehensive overview on how to score and age white-tailed deer
  • Great Gift Item!