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4' x 8' Xtreme Blinds with Full Door and Stairs

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4'x8' Xtreme Deer Blinds

Texas Hunter Products 4'x8' Xtreme deer blinds offer better ways to view deer, elk and other wildlife. Whether you're a hunter, wildlife photographer or an outdoor enthusiast, these products provide a comfortable and spacious platform where you can get the best view or line up the perfect shot.

Comfortable Enclosed Deer Blinds Built to Last

These enclosed deer hunting blinds are originals from Texas Hunter Products. We offer three different models to choose from, depending on the view you want. Each is perfect for making a solo trip or bringing a friend, family members or a guide, with plenty of room for three adults and all of your equipment. A 6-foot-3 ceiling offers you enough space to sit, stand, stretch and shift around with ease.

Check out our complete lineup for the view you want to achieve:

  • Xtreme 4'x8' deer blind with ground legs: This ground deer blind sits on 7-inch steel legs that keep you just above the brush. It's easy to step inside where you can enjoy a 5-foot-high perspective.
  • Xtreme 4'x8' deer blind with 4' tower: This blind features a 4-foot tower that places your windows 8 feet high in the air. Access is simple, using the EZ-Slope staircase with grip treads and full-height handrails.
  • Xtreme 4'x8' deer blind with 8' tower: With an 8-foot tower, this is our tallest 4-foot by 8-foot option of the three. These blinds let you see over brush, small trees and terrain with a 12-foot-high eye-level.

Enclosed Hunting Blinds Provide Multiple Advantages

Our Xtreme deer blinds offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience, with advantages that include:

  • Weatherproofing. These enclosed hunting blinds all feature Starboard XL Marine-Grade Siding — the world's most advanced blind material. The maintenance-free siding and galvanized steel roof both offer year-round protection from the wind, rain and harshest outdoor elements. Powder-coated steel towers, staircases and framing stand up to the weather and wear.
  • Visibility. Our 4-foot by 8-foot enclosed hunting blinds feature Texas Hunter's Hide-A-Way Window System that opens silently and provide great visibility. The solid and clear window panels slide silently in the double track system, bypass each other and are removeable to offer a 360-degree view and provide the ultimate in concealment while inside the blind. You can add an optional camo film to help mask your movements.

Order Your Enclosed Deer Hunting Blind Today

Order the 4'x8' Xtreme deer blind that puts you at the right height. You can also check out hunting chairs and stools along with other hunting blind accessories available to make your enclosed deer blind an even more comfortable place to wait for wildlife.

Purchase online for shipping anywhere in the continental U.S., or visit a dealer in your area to see our deer blinds in person. If you have any questions or would like assistance with placing an order or finding a dealer, please call 800-969-3337 or send us an inquiry online.