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300 lb. Capacity Trophy Deer Feeders

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Metal Deer Feeders

Deer & wildlife feeders must be strong enough to withstand the elements — choosing a galvanized metal product with a corrosion-resistant finish is the best way to ensure your investment will last over the long term. At Texas Hunter Products, we know the importance of quality, which is why we offer a selection of durable metal deer feeders for sale. Not just for hunters — our products are ideal for anyone who respects and enjoys the natural world, from photographers to conservationists to property owners.

About Our Auto Deer Feeders

Our metal deer feeders include features designed to improve long-term performance, reduce maintenance requirements and deliver better overall value. These features include:

  • A 300 lb. capacity hopper with an internal funnel to optimize feed flow. 425 lb., 500 lb., & 650 lb. capacity deer feeders also available
  • Our exclusive EZ Set digital timer, which features programming capabilities for up to nine feedings per day, with run times between one and 60 seconds
  • A 12 V battery with built-in receptacle for an optional solar panel to eliminate the need for recharging
  • A large varmint guard provides complete feed protection
  • A sight glass that shows you, at a glance, when a refill is necessary
  • A separate compartment housing the battery and timer — that is lockable for added security
  • A powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance

We sell two versions of our auto deer feeder in 300 lb. capacities — the TF300L4 and the TF300L8. The TF300L4 is a stand and fill model with 4' legs, while the TF300L8 is a trophy feeder model with 8' extension legs. Both include stabilizing footpads that stake into the ground to hold the unit in place. In addition, both models include a stainless steel spinner plate with security gates to prevent spinning during heavy winds. We also offer deer feeders in 425 lb., 500 lb., & 650 lb. capacities.

Why Choose a Texas Hunter Galvanized Feeder?

Texas Hunter has been in business since 1954 — that's a long history of delivering on our promises for customers. We know that the people who buy our products demand a level of quality able to stand the test of time. Fortunately, our selection of metal deer feeders represents the best materials, engineering and build quality available today.

Purchase a Texas Hunter deer feeder for your ranch, lodge or other property and see for yourself the difference our feeders deliver.

Browse Our Selection of Auto Deer Feeders

Browse our current selection of 300 lb. steel trophy deer feeders. If you're looking for a different size or model, Texas Hunter carries a variety of deer feeders ranging from stand and fill deer feeders to hanging deer feeders.

Need help choosing the best galvanized deer feeder for your needs? Call or email our office for assistance. Ready to buy? Shop online for fast delivery anywhere in the continental United States. You can also get in touch with your local Texas Hunter dealer for in-person assistance — contact us to find a dealer in your area.