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Wine Cork Camouflage

Hunting Tip - How to Use a Wine Cork for Face Camouflage

Keep a wine cork and lighter in your gear bag for times when you need to hide one of the biggest warning signs to wild game – your facial features.

Before you go on that next turkey or deer hunt, give the end of a cork a good burn by holding the lighter flame below the tip until it begins to flame. Then rub out the black smudge on a piece of cloth or paper towel and burn it again one more time.

Once you get a good charcoal tip, let it cool then apply the residue to your face for a quick and easy camouflage. It just takes a few seconds with a lighter to rejuvenate the cork as needed. Cork camo washes off much easier than camo paint.

Be sure to use real cork, not synthetic and let it completely cool first before applying.

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