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Wild Turkey Jerky

Wild Turkey Jerky

2 lbs. Turkey breast

Salt and pepper

Kabob Skewers

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

                     Dry Time 5-12 Hours (Depending on how thick you like your turkey strips.)


Step One:  Simply slice turkey into strips (cut to desired thickness).Cut them as thin as you can. No need to worry about slicing them too thin, after all we’re making jerky. This will reduce dry time. If you prefer thicker strips this process will work as well, thicker strips will require longer drying times. Make sure to cut strips as even in thickness as possible as this will insure that all slices dehydrate at the same time.

Step TwoOnce strips have been cut, place them flat on a clean and dry surface. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. You want to make sure you salt and pepper the turkey a bit more than you would any other food you normally eat.

Step Three:  Open oven and skewer turkey strips along the top rack of your oven.Place turkey strips between the support rods of oven rack and pierce turkey strip with skewer. Repeat this process hanging all turkey strips across the top rack of your oven. Placing strips between support rods of oven rack will insure evenly spacing of turkey strips and consistent dehydration through all hanging strips. Once strips are hung, turn your oven on to 200 ºF. You will not completely close your oven door. You will want to prop it open slightly with are large wooden spoon. You want the oven door to remain open about one inch for the humidity to escape from the oven as the turkey strips dehydrate.

Check oven periodically for the next 5-12 hours depending on the thickness of your jerky strips. Drying time can vary, shorter or longer depending on your oven and thickness of strips. Jerky will be done when strips are completely hard to the touch. If jerky has a soft or raw feel they will require further drying time. Once done, remove jerky strips from oven and allow them to cool. Jerky will remain fresh for you to enjoy for about a week. If you plan on storing the jerky, place in freezer bag and place in the freezer.