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Why Fish Feeders Grow Bigger Fish

By using a feeding program, every fish in your lake or pond benefits. Bluegill and other fish grow bigger for largemouth bass to feed on as well as get supplemental food from the feeder. By utilizing Texas Hunter Product’s automatic directional fish feeder, you add a consistent addition to your lake or pond’s food chain. This leads to bigger fish in every category!

Why use a Fish Feeder?

Pond Fish feeders provide a consistent food supply for the sport fish and forage fish in your pond. Fish Feeders also create “feeding zones” that improves catch rates in those areas.

What are Forage Fish?

Bluegill, minnows, and small catfish all make up the forage fish family. Largemouth bass prey upon these fish to thrive. On a feeding program, bluegill begin to spawn more frequently, and create a better food source for largemouth bass in your lake or pond.

What are the Other Benefits?

Supplemental feeding of your fish improves every aspect of your lake’s ecosystem. Fish food supplies extra nutrients to the water for water bugs and phytoplankton, which then feeds more fish.

Why Texas Hunter Fish Feeders?

Texas Hunter’s patented, high efficiency automatic fish feeders feature a dual motor system with a built-in funnel that delivers a consistent, metered flow of feed into the powerful centrifugal air blower system. This specially designed air blower system creates a thin sheet of air that delivers the fish feed into the water. Because of this unique design, fish feed is not dropped directly in front of the feeder so it doesn’t attract varmints or other non-targeted animals. Paired with Texas Hunter’s timer, feed is delivered exactly when you want it to give the exact amount your fish need.

Feeding Zones

Texas Hunter’s directional Fish Feeders project fish feed into the water in a large wedge-shaped pattern. This broad feed pattern spreads the fish feed across the lake’s surface, which gives more fish a chance to consume the feed. With Texas Hunter’s top rated fish feeders, you can set up to 9 feed events per day and have complete control over the amount of feed dispensed each time. Fish are drawn to the feeding areas creating ‘feeding zones’ that help make catching fish fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

Large Selection

Texas Hunter’s quality Fish Feeders are available in three different capacities: 70 lbs., 175 lbs. or 250 lbs. of fish feed and are in-stock and available for same-day shipping. Texas Hunter Products has built a reputation in the automatic feeder industry for delivering reliable, long-lasting products that have met the real-life needs of outdoor enthusiasts for over 65 years. For more details on Texas Hunter Fish Feeders or to find a lake manager or fish supplier in your area- call 800.969.3337 or email