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When and Where to Set Your Fish Feeder and How Much to Feed?

 You've got questions and we have answers! Here are some of the most common questions in regards to feeding fish with Texas Hunter Directional Fish Feeders. 

How many seconds should I feed?

If you are starting to feed a new pond, start slow with 3 to 5 second feed events twice a day and monitor feeding activity. Work your way up from there. The general rule of thumb is not to feed more than the fish will clean up in 5 to 10 minutes. If you see feed floating after 10 minutes, reduce the timeframe. If the fish eat all of the feed within a few minutes, you’ll know that you can lengthen the feed event. Repeat until you have the perfect feed time for your pond or lake!

Where is the best place to feed?

Ideally set your fish feeders in a location that will dispense feed into the lake so that it will be carried across the surface by the prevailing winds. If you have a dock, those are great places to set a fish feeder with straight "dock" legs so they project the feed out farther into the main body of the lake. The pond bank is also a great place as well. Texas Hunter Fish Feeders with adjustable legs are designed to set anywhere along the shoreline and will project fish feed into the lake up to 45 feet from the feeder with a 20-foot wide feed pattern.

When is the best time to feed?

Usually sunrise and dusk are the best times to feed fish. This is when fish are most active and are looking for food. It is best not to feed during the hottest parts of the day. And yes, fish will feed in the middle of the night too (great option when you have birds and ducks eating your fish feed). 

What kind of feed do you recommend feeding?

Texas Hunter Fish Feeders will feed all types of floating or sinking fish feed. We recommend checking with your lake management professional or local feed store for fish feed available in your area.