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Turkey Talk

Birds are singing in the mornings. Spring is here. That means gobblers are getting fired-up. Here’s a run-down on some turkey talk. Wild turkey calls are a universal language no matter what part of America you’re hunting. Here are the basic sounds you should know:

Gobble — this call is uttered by the male turkeys to attract hens for breeding and to announce to the world that the tom is on watch and ready to defend his territory. It’s music to the ears of a turkey hunter.

Yelp — a two-toned sound - starts with a whistling "kee" and ends with and sharp "oak". This call means, "I’m here, come on over” in turkey language.

Kee Kee —Uttered by the young turkeys when a flock is scattered until the boss hen can regroup the flock.

Cluck — A single, sharp "puck" sound to announce the gobbler’s presence.

Purr — A broken-up sound at a low volume tells the flock that all is well. Turkeys will interpret it as a sign of agitation or aggression as the volume is increased.

Cackle — A series of fast clucks uttered when a turkey is flying or when a hen is sexually excited.

Putt — A loud cluck uttered when turkeys are alarmed. Putting is most often shortly followed by a hasty retreat.