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Top Tips for Duck Hunters

from our friends at Field & Stream

Face your Duck Blind in the Right Direction

Sometimes you have no choice but on a cloudless day, an east-facing duck blind requires shooting into the sun during the first morning light. A front-lit blind also stands out from its surroundings more than a blind set In the dark shadows. Some duck hunters say that drawing a bead on birds silhouetted against the light in the eastern sky is easier, but you may disagree with them after looking directly into the blazing sunlight as it rises in the morning sky. Facing your duck blind to where you’re not looking directly into the sun may be a better idea if you’re set-up allows for that strategic positioning. Same principle goes for setting-up your deer blinds. Keep the sun in mind so you’re not spending your morning and evening hunts looking into the sun.

Know how to face your Decoys

When you’re setting out decoys know the wind direction and understand that you may need to adjust your spread based on changing weather conditions. Ducks must land into the wind. If the wind changes directions, so should your decoys. If you see ducks circle but don’t ever land, that’s your hint that they want in but your decoy spread may not be in sync with the wind conditions.

Share the Birds

In many cases, one side of the blind is the hot spot – the downwind edge where ducks drift-in with wing spread. If you’re in the blind with multiple hunters in an obvious hot spot situation, rotate the seating to avoid hard feelings and give everyone a chance. 

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