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Tips to Make Any Beginner Hunt like a Pro

Hunting is a sport that takes great skill and a hobby that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Here are some tips to help beginning hunters get started and stay safe in the woods.

Safety is priority #1

Make sure someone knows where you are going to be hunting and when you’ll be checking-in with them. Seek out a local hunter’s Safety Course and learn, and practice, gun safety. Always watch out for those you are hunting with.

Pack a survival kit

Take essentials with you including a compass so you can find your way in and out of the hunting area, food, water, fire starters, shelter and a way to signal for help.

Understand scents

Whitetail deer have an extremely keen sense of smell. Be aware of wind conditions and that your sent may travel up to a mile. Masking your smell with scent controls or hunting from a deer blind can make a successful hunting experience.

Don’t go overboard on your gear

Don’t carry things you don’t need. Keep your supplies limited to the essentials of what you need to stay safe and bring back meat after harvesting your animal.

Double-check your local hunting laws

Be aware of your local tag, licensing and hunting laws. A complete list by state can be found here:

Find a mentor

Ask those that you know and work with. Hunting forums and facebook can be great ways to find experienced hunters who are willing to share their experiences.


Becoming familiar with the hunting area in advance will help you detect signs of wildlife before and during the hunt. Seek out the best places to set-up blinds, plant food plots, set-up wildlife feeders and look for game trails in advance.

Have a plan for after the shot

Think about your responsibilities after the shot. Be prepared to track that buck after the shot and how you will mark the trail so you can get back. Know how to field dress your animal and how you will transport it out of the woods and process the meat.

Keep an eye on the weather

Monitor the weather forecast for the area you’ll be hunting, several days in advance and monitor weather conditions during your hunt.

Be prepared for opening day

Opening day is not the time to make final adjustments to your scope, or take care of that squeaky office chair in your blind. Make sure all of your gear is in working order before you go out hunting. Texas Hunter Shooters’ Chairs feature a 360-degree silent outdoor swivel and can make sitting for a few hours in a blind much more comfortable.

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