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The Importance of Protein Feeders to Healthy Antler Development

The Importance of Protein Feeders to Healthy Antler Development

With spring upon us, we're heading into peak season for bucks to begin the fascinating cycle of growing their antlers. Covered in velvet skin rich with oxygen and nutrients, antlers are some of the fastest-growing bones in the entire animal kingdom, growing up to a 1/2-inch per day.

Developing a big, healthy herd of whitetail deer — with big, healthy antlers — doesn't just happen on its own. It requires planning and effort not just before and during hunting season, but in the spring and summer as well. Springtime can either bring too much or too little rainfall, resulting in less available plant forage that's crucial for bucks to grow large antlers.

This is where protein feeders play an important role. Many hunters and landowners use them for supplemental feeding during spring and summer months to ensure their herds have adequate nutrition. Due to the stress of coming out of rutting season and the harsh winter weather, it's not uncommon for bucks to lose up to 30% of their body weight during the winter. As they begin growing their antlers again in the spring, bucks need a significantly higher amount of protein.

It's common practice to have supplemental feed available year-round and can be of huge benefit to bucks, as well as to does and fawns.

Protein Feeders = Healthier Bucks, Bigger Antlers

Helping bucks maintain adequate nutrition and body weight using protein feeders while they grow their antlers has tremendous benefits. Primarily, the rate of post-rut recovery is increased. In addition, a protein-rich diet is a large factor in healthy antler development. The use of protein feeders can greatly improve antler growth for the following season, as bucks are able to immediately begin growing their new set once the previous one is shed because they are consistently getting enough protein. Consuming a protein-heavy diet promotes the growth of larger antlers throughout their entire lives.

The Protein Feeder Leader

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Picture Courtesy of Moxy Ranch and Jeremiah Morton