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Texas Hunter Deer Blinds Video

Texas Hunter Products’ deer blinds are built tough and last maintenance free for years out here. Our blinds withstand everything Mother Nature throws at them. Texas Hunter deer blinds are USA-made and feature the patented STARBOARD XL material which is finished on both sides so it looks good and lasts. Texas Hunter STARBOARD XL is one of the strongest materials ever invented for outdoor use and sure better than fiberglass. Our deer blind material is the only one that can lift thousands of pounds! Or take a full shotgun blast because STARBOARD XL isn’t a coating, its strength built-in. Yet, STARBOARD XL is so light, Texas Hunter deer blinds are easy-to-move. PLUS, STARBOARD XL will never rust or rot as we proved by burying a piece of it in the ground for 8 months. When we dug it up, STARBOARD XL showed its amazing memory as it got back its just-like-new look. Now that’s durability. That’s Texas Hunter’s no-maintenance deer blinds! See our full selection of Texas Hunter deer blinds with STARBOARD XL at Learn more about Texas Hunter Products at and visit our blog at