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Shoot or Don't Shoot - 5 Tips for Judging Whitetail Bucks

Body references help evaluate bucks.

Values may vary from region to region but these 5 tips to judging live whitetail deer from our friends at Gamekeepers will give you an idea of what you are looking at when the moment comes.

1.Compare the size of the antler bases to the size of the buck’s eye. The circumference of a mature buck’s eye is approximately 4 inches.

2.Antler width can be compared to the width of the buck’s ears. A mature buck’s ears are 16 inches when alert and 18 inches when relaxed.

3.A mature whitetail buck that carries 200 pounds appears short legged and short necked. His belly sags and his rear end appears small.

4.Compare tine length to the length of the ears. From skull to the tip of the ears are 7 inches long.

5.Use the ear length to judge beam length. If the beams are three times as long as one ear, his beams are 20 inches or longer.

Study the deer you hunt and assign your own values to the references listed above.