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Protein Feeding Strategy, Benefits & Feeder Placement

Now is the ideal time to get your protein feeders in place during these winter months when whitetail deer are desperately searching for the necessary nutrition. Whitetail deer can lose up to 30% of their body weight during this ‘winter stress’. Severe winters can affect the quality of nutrition that deer need to grow healthy and strong. By strategically placing protein feeders in areas where deer live and travel, you will contribute to healthy antler development this spring and summer.

Supplemental feeding provides nutrients that also benefit fawns while still in the womb. Once you begin using protein feeders, you’ll notice a healthier herd and higher fawn survival rates. By the third year, you should begin witnessing an increase in body weight for all deer in the herd and a significant increase in the antler size of your whitetail bucks.

Antler growth begins in March, so there’s no time like the present to get started. Texas Hunter Products offers eight reliable deer protein feeder models to choose from ranging from 300-pound to 2,000-pound capacities. Features include feed ports with adjustable feed-flow baffles that provide control over your protein feeding program. This advanced feed flow system, a Texas Hunter exclusive, allows complete control over feed disbursement. A specially engineered contour design inside each feeder provides continuous feed flow. Texas Hunter Xtreme Protein Feeders are Roto-Molded with the same durable construction as Yeti ® Coolers. They will never rust and are built to be indestructible.

Ideally, protein feeders should be located in a secluded spot within a quarter mile of a fresh water supply. Depending on the size of your herd, set up one feeder for every 20 to 30 deer. Make sure protein is accessible 24 hours a day, as consistent feeding is key. You can rely on Texas Hunter Products’ patented protein feeders to supply ample protein feed for healthy whitetail deer and optimum antler growth. Texas Hunter offers a full line of deer protein feeders that are in-stock and ready to ship direct to you.

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