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Product Review - Texas Hunter Products Swivel Dove Stool

Just in time for Dove Season. Check out this great product review from our friends at the Texas Sporting
Journal on the Texas Hunter Products Swivel Shooters Stool

Another trick to staying transparent to flying doves is to stay low. Being that I am in the older generation category, kneeling or bending does not work well for very long. Texas Hunter Products offers a stool that is perfect for using in a field or fence row. The compact triangular shaped stools is light and can be carried to your favorite spot with ease. The triangular shape and extra wide design makes the stool extremely comfortable. This stool is built with a ball bearing swivel allowing 360-dgree silent movement. This is critical because you have to be able to look and turn quickly. This Texas Hunter stool is made from anodized aluminum and will never rust. The foam padded seat provides comfort and the camo vinyl is a stop-rip material that won’t tear. Learn to shoot from a sitting position and your work as a dove hunter will greatly diminish. 

Check out the Texas Hunter Silent Swivel Dove Stool here: