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Key Facts about Deer Protein

In mid-February right after Valentine’s Day when their antlers begin to shed, whitetail bucks begin the rebuilding process of antler development for the following season. Protein feed provides important nutrients they need for maximizing antler size during the peak growing season. A whitetail deer’s velvet antler, before it mineralizes, is made-up almost entirely of a protein called collagen. In whitetail bucks, fully developed antlers are about 45% protein. Because body growth takes precedence over antler development it’s even more important to provide protein feed to your deer herd. When you provide young bucks with protein feed, you improve their antler development and their chances of growing a bigger rack next season.

Whitetail bucks aren’t the only ones who benefit from higher protein in their diet. It’s also important to improve the growth of fawns and does, especially when does are pregnant and lactating. Lactation places the greatest demand for protein in a deer herd. The milk of whitetail does averages 8.2% protein and does with twins have an even higher protein requirement in their diet. With a higher fawn survival rate and healthier does, you’ll improve your chances for larger, healthier trophy bucks in the seasons to come.

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