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How to catch more Catfish

Catfish are one of the staples for anglers who enjoy eating their catch. Channel catfish are abundant throughout the south, spawning in holes and crevices in flowing water. Channel catfish may exceed 40 pounds, although the typical size is less than five pounds. White catfish, yellow bullheads and brown bullheads usually range from one to two pounds, and readily spawn in lakes and ponds where they also provide good fishing.

Most catfish prefer many of the same food items as bream, although they are opportunistic and will rarely pass up any meal. Feeding catfish on a regular basis using catfish feed and an automatic fish feeder can dramatically increase their size, and concentrate them into feeding zones around the fish feeder.

The "whiskers" on catfish are loaded with sensory cells that enable catfish to locate their food by smell. Take advantage of this by using baits with strong odors: chicken liver or gizzards, shrimp, cut mullet and commercial stink baits. Many catfish become active just before dusk and at night, and fishing success is best during these times. For best results, fish on the bottom with a sturdy #2 to #4 hook and a heavy split shot sinker and when possible, around and out in front of a lake fish feeder where the feed is dispensed.