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Frequently Asked Questions about Fish Feeders

How do Texas Hunter's Directional Fish Feeder work?

The Texas Hunter directional feeder is a dual motor fish feeder equipped with Texas Hunter’s Premium Digital Timer that controls the motors in a sequence. The bottom blower motor will start up first, once it gets up to speed the second motor releases the feed for the amount of time set. After releasing the feed, the bottom blower motor continues to run so that all of the feed is cleaned out and ready for the next feed event. This unique design eliminates feed in the blower system area which does two important things: it will not attract varmints to the feeder, and when the feeder starts-up on the next feed event, the fish feed will not drop close to the feeder to attract unwanted animals. Click here to watch video!

Are the feeders varmint proof?

Yes, because Texas Hunter’s patented blower system design cleans-out the feed after each feed event, varmints are not attracted and cannot access the feed locked inside the feeder.

Are your feeders weatherproof?

ALSO YES! Texas Hunter Fish Feeders are designed to keep your fish feed dry and fresh. The feeders are made of galvanized steel so they’ll never rust. they are powder-coated with a Texas Hunter Green finish for added protection from the elements. The feed level sight gauges have a neoprene gasket and the lid edges are bent over and tack-welded with an additional weld added to the corners of each lid to prevent moisture from getting inside.

Do your feeders require a lot of maintenance?

No. The directional fish feeders require very little maintenance. We recommend keeping the feeder running even in the winter months to keep the motors and battery cycling. When using a Texas Hunter Products solar charger, normally the feeder just requires changing the battery out every couple of years.

Should I go with Adjustable or dock legs? And is there an extra charge? 

Your choice of legs is included in the price of the fish feeder and it depends on where you plan to mount your feeder. If you are mounting on a pier, dock or platform, we recommend the straight ‘dock’ legs that include lag bolts for securing to the dock. Because people tend to stand next to the feeders when fishing, the straight ‘dock’ legs reduce the footprint of the feeder and offer a more aesthetic way to mount the feeder on a dock. The Angled Adjustable legs include large footpads and 24” stabilizing stakes for securing the feeder to the ground. Each leg can be adjusted independently of the other so you can level the feeder on a sloping pond bank or rough terrain.

What does the solar charger do?

Every Texas Hunter Fish Feeder is pre-wired for a solar charger that can be mounted on any side of the feeder. Depending on where you set your Fish Feeder for ponds and lakes, mount the solar charger ideally facing south or on the side that will receive the most sun during the day. The solar charger plugs into the Texas Hunter Premium Digital Timer and charges the battery through the timer. This design gives you a “Charging” indicator on the timer so you never have to wonder if the solar charger is working or not. The solar charger eliminates the need to recharge the battery periodically and keeps the battery fully-charged year-round.

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